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clone of virtual machine doesn't do disks right


after cloning a VM, the new .vhd file is attached to the DVD (replacing drive G on IDE1) and the original .vhd file is still marked as the .vhd file to use (on IDE0 - Hard drive 1)

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ghbyrkit wrote May 30, 2012 at 4:08 PM

To refine the definition of the problem:
1) XP-More works fine on a 'virgin' VM where the <ide_controller id="0"> element occurs before the <ide_controller id="1"> element.
2) if you, for example, merge a 'diff' disk with its parent disk, creating a dynamic disk, then the element for <ide_controller id="0"> gets moved to AFTER the element for <ide_controller id="1">.
A possible fix is implemented in the attached file. Duplicator.cs is modified so that the XML path to 'ide_adaptor' is followed, then the 'Elements' matching 'ide_controller' are retrieved, then searched for the one with attribute "id" having value "0". Using this element, the rest of the XML path is searched to find the absolute pathname element. This element is the one that is then modified.

XP-More still only copies the 'primary' hard disk when cloning (duplicating) a VM...