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Just run XP-More.exe as is. It's portable, no installation needed.

Using the tool is quite straightforward. Following operations are available:
  • Launch - starts the selected virtual machine
  • Duplicate - create a copy of the selected virtual machine
  • Create new - create a brand new virtual machine
  • Delete - delete the selected virtual machine
  • Edit - open the VM's settings window
  • Set Parent Disk - A VM can have a parent VM. This allows you to rebind a parent after moving it.

When XP-More is launched, it first looks for the VMs folder. If it doesn't find the folder, the user is asked to specify its location. In order to remain portable, XP-More stores the given folder in an alternate data stream, which is basically a "shadow" of the executable. This way, if the executable is moved, the settings move with it, and if it is deleted, the settings are deleted as well.

Minimum requirements
Windows Virtual PC is available on Windows 7 Professional and above. Therefore, that is the minimum requirement. It might work with other versions, which have Microsoft Virtual PC installed, though this is untested. Running the tool requires .NET 3.5 (which comes with Windows 7).

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nwboson Apr 10, 2011 at 7:30 PM 
I added a fork to fix a couple bugs I ran across: 1) if you had large DPI selected (> 100%), xp-more did not display any VM's. 2) If you created any links to VM's the XP-More search for existing VM's would fail. Now it ignores links. Check the nwboson fork for this updated version.

johnywhy Mar 12, 2011 at 9:37 PM 
i have at least one window virtual pc account on this computer, but i do not see ANY virtual pc's listed when i run this tool. What should i do?

prichardson Jun 26, 2010 at 11:42 PM 
I keep my vhd's on a separate partition. It was quite late when I first used this tool, and I'm not sure if I helped it find them correctly the first time. How can I fix that?