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Feature request: backup & restore to VM to a Zip

Jun 6, 2010 at 9:50 AM

Great tool, thanks :-)

I'd like to suggest a new feature: the ability to save an existing VM into a single Zip archive, which can then be safely stashed as a backup/checkpoint; obviously you'd need to be able to restore from one of these.

I've not yet learnt enough about these VMs to know if it is practical or not, but it would be really great if one of these Zips could be created on one PC and then unpacked onto another, so that we can have our local expert install all the oddball software into one VM and then let the rest of our team install a copy. I'm sure that there is already a mechanism for "Enterprise-wide installation" of ready-to-go VMs but we just need something simple for a small team (about 10 people of varying techie abilities).